Corporate function food ideas

Fresh ideas for corporate functions and events

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Corporate Functions and events

Corporate functions are part of everyone’s agenda and at any time they should leave the event energized, focused and happy. Make sure your colleagues and clients enjoy this time. Bring fresh ideas to the table and remember that corporate doesn’t have to mean bland or tasteless.

Food and business is a perfect match. Whether for a casual or sophisticated business function, Culinart will always offer you a variety of fresh options carefully crafted around your particular needs and taste for a truly unforgettable experience at any of your future corporate functions.

Breakfast to start your day on the right foot


Catering for corporate functions and events

Is not a secret that breakfast meetings have become increasingly popular as a preferred corporate function, especially among those who have busy schedules or tight company budgets. As they don’t interrupt the day and most people feel this meal is an important part of a healthy routine, which helps workers to be more efficient.

Providing quality breakfasts for any size gathering, from smaller team meetings, to larger corporate sized events is one of Culinart’s expertise areas. Therefore, we can help you serving a buffet style breakfast with two or three levels of options to give multiple choices to your colleagues and clients. Whether you are hosting a team meeting, training seminar or customers event that may include staff to mid-level management.



Office morning and afternoon teas


Caterers for corporate functions and events

Another idea for optimizing value at your corporate function is to create an office morning or afternoon tea, particularly as each of them will create a great opportunity to have a short break, chat to your colleagues and a perfect pick-me-up to be able to return to work focused and efficient.

If you need some inspiration, Culinart suggest you always remember to include in your morning or afternoon teas some savory and sweet flavors with classic freshly baked, fluffy scones; or some delicate and delicious macarons, or perhaps little cupcakes to entice your guests. Anyhow, always try to include a variety of types and colors of fruit and vegetables, which will offer different healthy nutrients and a great visual treat at your table as well!!



Low GI plates

catering canapes for a corporate event

As a third option for your corporate functions go for low GI plates or canapés full of yummy ingredients and vibrant colors. You will see how your guests and clients appreciate that you believe their health and fitness is important while still enjoying these treats.

Different from high GI foods that tend to create a spike in energy, low GI plates release longer lasting, slow burning energy. In most cases these options are often gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian friendly. Culinart can help you with the perfect match of ingredients to create multiple finger foods by adding or substituting certain ingredients to create amazing and healthy snacks for your event.


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