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Our new Canapé Menu is arrived!!

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Summer is arrived (yay!), which means exciting things are happening here at Culinart. We love this time of the year, maybe because it’s a time to think about food even more than usual, which is a lot!! But most of all because it’s the perfect time to plan fun and vibrant functions to celebrate with colleagues and friends that the year is almost over.

Considering this, we’re excited to announce that our new Canapé Menu has arrived and is here to make your summer season a little bit brighter! With this new option, you will find innovative alternatives for all occasions, which incorporate fresh flavors, seasonal products and handcrafted food.

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas’ Party, a small holiday brunch, a corporate event or a feast for many, here at Culinart we are ready to surprise you with the best of our talents according to the upcoming trends. In this new Canapé Menu, you will find a diverse range of innovative, creative and sustainable cuisine that is ready to be paired with extraordinary service to deliver an experience to exceed your expectations.

Innovation is the key

canape menu, brisbane catering services

Our new Canapé Menu is a selection of contemporary and traditional techniques, all presented in an innovative design that brings out the best in flavors, colors and styles. Moreover, this new Canapé Menu will deliver the best products to your table according to the latest food trends.


The return to comfort food and emotionally targeted products seems to be a crucial point during the next year, although forays into a vegan or gluten-free versions are also one of our priorities to ensure all your guests receive a delicious and inclusive option.  As you can see, this mindset is included in the new Canapé Menu where grilled Haloumi, pomegranate & avocado are combined into a small spoon to bring in each bite, a whole modern world of healthy and fresh sensations.



Creativity is our signature

canape menu, brisbane catering services

To cater to rising food trends and keep on track with what our clients are considering serving at their next event. Here at Culinart creativity is not an inspirational moment, but a mindset that always guides our chef to ensure that each bite is not only unique but tastes exquisite.

In this new Canapé Menu, you will find the taste of a dedicated team of chefs committed to being the best they can be.  Working with a diverse array of ingredients and cooking methods, pooling their knowledge, to explore what it is now possible to do with food and the experience of eating.

The new Canapé Menu is the result of multi-creative processes; expressed in a mix of flavors, colors and techniques that create a perfect harmony.

To better understand this, we invite you to try this compressed watermelon, cashew cheese, spice and walnut candy canapé – an attractive vegan and gluten-free option that brings together the perfect combination of ingredients and taste sensations.


Sustainability is our passion

canape menu, brisbane catering servicesBehind this new Canapé Menu, we keep our commitment to operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, to implement ‘green’ initiatives and to create a company culture focused on community and environmental concerns.

Therefore, this new Canapé Menu is made from products that are sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers. At Culinart we aim to minimize waste, reduce water usage and buy locally where possible to reduce emissions required for transportation & manufacturing of goods.

Our kitchens use gas and electricity providers, and waste contractors with “green” levies and credentials, because we know that is not just about our immediate environment but the whole community working for the greater good.  In the end, sustainability is a commitment to ourselves, and it runs deep through the core of Culinart’s operations.

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